Competition Young virtuoso, Zagreb was founded by Music School Pavao Markovac back in 1994 under the name "Young virtuoso - Etudes and Scales". At first, the competition was intended for piano pupils of primary music schools from Zagreb area and was conceived after an idea of professor Jelica Kuzmin. The very next year the idea was adopted by violinists, so they joined the project. Ever since, the competition has been held every year, interchangeably for piano and violin. Number of categories, technical demands and age limits have grown and in 1996 the competition becomes international.

Programme of this competition is a bit unique, as it includes  performance of a compulsory etude, exclusively written for each competition by a Croatian composer. Compulsory etudes are regularly being published.

The competition is being held under the patronage of The Zagreb City Congregation, and with support of our sponsors.

The success of the competition and its outstanding organization has been achieved due to enthusiastic activities of all school teachers and Organization committee members, directed by the president Mr. Josip Vrbanec, the headmaster of the Music School Pavao Markovac .