Compulsory etudes for the competition will be available in these shops:

1.Croatia records, Bogovićeva 5, Zagreb, tel: +385 1 48-10-886

2. A classic, Preradovićeva 32, Zagreb, tel: +385 1 48-54-418,

3. Rockmark, Berislavićeva 13, Zagreb, tel: +385-1-5392-430,

4. Publisher's webshop


Note: Etudes (pieces) by Croatian composer Ivan Josip Skender, composed specifically for this competition, will be available for informational purposes  from February 8th, 2021.
The enclosed sheet music is for informational purposes only and should be used as an insight into the technical and musical demands of obligatory etudes. Original published sheet music will be available for competitors in the above mentioned stores. At the organizer's request, the candidate will have to present the original printed edition of the compulsory pieces at the competition.