The competition is generously supported by:

The Zagreb City Congregation with patronage and awards

● EURO-UNIT group

Professor Peter Eicher, donating the award Classical Sonata for the best performance of classical sonata (for pianist only)

● Mrs. Zvjezdana Bašić foundation, donating the award for the best performance of a virtuoso piece (for pianists only)

● Croatian composers' society which helps with organization, and awards special prizes for the best performance of a piece written by Croatian composer

● City office for education supports the competition financially and helps with organization

● Cantus d.o.o.has enabled publishing of all obligatory etudes up to today

University of Zagreb, Academy of Music

● Tourist community of Zagreb, with promotional presents for the competitors

Croatian Cultural Heritage, Zagreb

● a-classic, audio - video recordings and publishing

● International Summer Music School Pučišća

● Chamber orchestra Szekszárd, Hungary (for violinists only)